About Sharegurukul

India is going global and so is its Financial Markets. The average Indian is today showing greater keenness towards aligning to global trends, and to risk taking and profit making.

SHAREGURUKUL, one of the best share market training institute in Delhi, is an earnest endeavor to spread the knowledge of financial markets amongst Indian masses. Established under the guidance of stock market trainers , the venture is truly an educational revolution, an awakening of the age old Gurukul Parampara in these modern times. Dynamically linked to the ground realities of the financial markets, our initiative seeks to disburse knowledge, create awareness, generate social wealth and most importantly, demystify the stock market.


Sharegurukul can seem like a place to make some easy money fast. You often hear in the news how a stock went up four points, and say to yourself, if I had gotten in on that one I could have made a killing. Yes you can really make money in the share market. Slow and easy is the way to go, and if you start at an early age, a fast and easy retirement is a reality.

In short, we seek to impart complete, rounded and practical information, in sync with the market dynamics, to our students. We are empowering them to be independent, knowledgeable investors and participate in equity markets like the professionals.

Sharegurukul is India’s premier institute in Financial Services Education, promoted by Bajaj Capital Group. Bajaj Capital is India’s one of the oldest and largest investment services firm over last five decades and having served a million plus Indian Investors across the world. Bajaj Capital has played the role of a catalyst in bringing the Financial Planning Certification Program, the CFPCM mark into India.

Some Of The Advantages Of Studying At ShareGurukul :