Forex Market Course

Get access to the largest trading market – Forex Trading – with our premiere and customized courses. Share Gurukul forex trading course will give your career a new height.  We have made this course easy to understand and make participants to achieve dramatic success in the profession.

Numerous investors are looking at the market and ready to invest their money, but they need an expert and professional trader. Our forex market trading course will help you to know all the tricks and right tools, which you can use to become successful trader.

Our qualified market professionals have several years of experience and they are here to improve your speed and accuracy. Our mock and live environment trading will give your excellent exposure and hands on practices will make you an expert trader. Our forex market trading course will give you sound knowledge of basics, fundamental and complete implementation details.

Once you will earn the certification you will be able to trade in any cash and future markets, so what are thinking now, do you still have any doubt, contact us today to clear your doubts and know more about the course.

Course Highlight

  • Introduction to Forex market
  • Conceptual knowledge about forex trade
  • Different concept and techniques of Forex trading
  • Technical Indicators such as MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands
  • Trading Strategies such as Carry Trade, Elliott Wave, and Candlestick Patterns
  • Sound Money Management Techniques
  • Hands-on practice in live trading environment and simulated environment