The location of the institute provides students with immense opportunity to relate their theoretical knowledge with the corporate world… The campus is centrally located in the heart of the capital, close to Delhi Stock Exchange, accessible to the largest market of books and to the head-offices of major brokerage houses… All these features help students learn the practicalities of the market easily.

Other salient features are:

  • Fully equipped practical lab.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Well seated air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Terminal for mock Trading.
  • Professional ambience, Leading journals, both national and international, newspapers and magazines related to the industry.
  • Dedicated terminals (Capital, Derivatives & Commodity Markets) for live demo.
  • A well-equipped library of books and Journals.
  • CD’s and related specialized collection of study material of the best available online courses.
  • Newly engineered researched projects done by MBA students.
  • Reprographic and print- out facilities.
  • Equipped with LCD & Overhead Projectors.
  • Industry experienced, world renowned faculty.
  • Practical classes with the best software available in the industry.
  • Facilitators, guides, printed study materials, audio and video aids, participant’s worksheets.
  • Measurement tools as spreadsheets and simulated software for job oriented skill imparting aids.
  • High quality faculty.