Stock Market Trading Operations and Management

Stock Market Trading Operations and Management (SMTOM) with trading terminals is a ground breaking share market course, exclusive to Share gurukul. Share Gurukul has its very own dedicated trading terminal room based at our ITO, Delhi campus.

Trading Terminals are used by top investment banks, accountancy firms and blue-chip financial organizations to supply them with instant online financial information. Financial executives, traders and analysts use trading terminals for crucial decision making and financial strategy planning by maneuvering funds and sourcing information from the world’s stock markets. Experience with trading terminals is a highly sought-after skill valued by all financial institutions, so students can benefit from an unrivaled competitive advantage in the global finance employment market.

The Stock Market Trading Operations and Management course focuses on providing students with foundation levels and practical skills necessary to understand financial markets and products.

Throughout this very interactive and dynamic course, students will learn how financial markets are structured and the risk implications of trading with different products. In the last phase of the course students will be exposed to trading terminals. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to understand financial market products and is particularly pertinent for accounts and financial professionals. No previous knowledge or experience is required to attend.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to understand and appreciate:

  • A comprehensive overview of the structure of financial markets.
  • A good technical understanding of the mechanics of the different segments of financial markets (equity, debt, FX etc).
  • Current state of the financial markets and drivers of the credit crunch.
  • A good working knowledge and experience with trading terminals.
  • How to interpret financial press.