Do you know we spend 30 percent of our life at work? So, make sure you have a good career in the field of technical analysis, and you trade like a professional to earn profit from the stock market. Undoubtedly, a technical analysis course from the top thought instructors and leaders will teach you how to be a reasonable investor.

Learn the basics of the Indian securities market, currency and commodity market

There are two types of securities market namely primary and secondary markets. Under the former, new securities are issued and, in the latter, existing securities are bought and sold. Under securities markets, you can find professionals like brokers, market-makers, investors and market speculators. Then, the currency markets include the foreign currency market and the Euro-currency market. Exchange rates constantly fluctuate and vary on the Foreign Exchange Market. What do you need to win in the market? Maybe, more detailed learning about the Spot Exchange, Forward Exchange, Currency Futures and Swap transactions, Currency options, Hedging and more. Commodity markets are of two types majorly hard and soft. Hard commodities include gold, rubber, oil, etc while the soft commodities include agricultural products.

Learn about Derivatives, call , Put, Options and other strategies

Derivative markets include financial instruments like future contracts or options. Learn in a step-by-step actionable way how to trade in exchange-traded derivatives and over-the-counter derivatives. Under the put option, learn how to sell the underlying asset at the strike price. Similarly, under the call option, we make you aware of how to buy the underlying asset at the strike price.

Learn how to use the Elliott Wave Theory and interpret different graphs and sessions

Our rich content for the Technical Analysis course will blow your mind with value. The Elliott wave theory will help you understand how the collective investor psychology is responsible for the price movements of markets at different degrees of time.

There is a massive opportunity in the Technical Analysis course that will make you a smart investor. Want to learn how to trade effectively and earn profits and take control of your funds and investments? Then, join the course at Sharegurukul where there are regular Q&A sessions after every lecture.