Just a heads-up if you want to make a career in the stock market, then, this is your opportunity to attend the 4-months short duration course at Sharegurukul. There is a convenient weekend as well as e-learning classes that save your time and gives you full freedom to get the attention you deserve.

The secrets and practical aspects of the share market

You may either be unfamiliar or have a little knowledge of the stock market. But don’t you worry, you can still step up and get certified by our trained instructors. You can learn more about the technical analysis, risk management, graphs sessions and multiple case studies accompanied by live sessions. Learn about the basics like the opening of a trading account, when to buy the stock, when to hold and sell them for a better return.

Focus on the future. Focus on the stock market

We should be actively working on our goals and objectives to have a bright future. Once you decide to pursue a course in the stock market, all you need is passion, focus and a “nothing to lose” mindset. Learn about the Indian securities market, foreign exchange and commodity market that includes both soft and hard commodities.

Learn about the stock exchanges in India and their roles

After you’ve completed the 4-months course in the Stock market, you will be able to know more about the different stock exchanges in India, their roles and responsibilities. A career in the stock market is stronger than ever right now. All you need is a top-quality understanding of the technical analysis, derivatives market, capital, and commodity markets.

Data-driven analysis and theory

The business world needs the best traders in the stock market. So, at Sharegurukul, we make sure that our applicants receive the best knowledge related to different markets, their manner of working, live sessions, complete Q&A sessions with time-tested tips, data and techniques. If you are an aspirant looking to grow professionally in the stock market, then we would love to connect with you inside the course.