You must have seen images of traders in banks, sitting in- front of screens looking at rows and rows of numbers and graphs. The problem for the retail (everyday) investor is that those numbers and graphs are not designed for him/her. The retail investor does not have the inclination or the time to go through series and series of data till he can make a reliable choice regarding his hard-earned money. But there is still the need to go through a process of garnering information as shots cannot simply be fired into the dark.

So, for that express reason there has to be a way for the retail investor to gather information which is not too complicated and at the same time provides enough information to make an informed choice with regards to their portfolio. The way forward would be the myriad websites available which provide information regarding everything you could possibly need, but with the number of choices available, how do you make sure that the information you’re getting is reliable? For that, here are a few websites you could refer to whenever you need to for some reliable information you can act on.

  • Moneycontrol

Probably one of the first sites which pop up on Google when you go looking for information, it is one of the most reliable sources you can turn to. You can find all sorts of information at the click of a button here, from news to trends to information on most financial instruments you can think of. Not only this, but it also provides a platform to record and track investments. So, all in all it is a handy website which is also available in the form of an app for your phone.

  • Investopedia

There are times when we are ready to execute the trade of our lives but are then stumped by a term which comes out of nowhere. It leaves a nagging doubt in the back of your head and leads you to question the validity of what you are doing. That is where Investopedia comes into play. A wholesome website, it is probably the handiest thing out there to clarifying all your doubts whatever they might be. So, head on over to clarify whatever doubt you have before you execute a trade.

  • Equity master

The tag line of this website says everything it needs to, “the investor’s best friend”. With a home page which features all the information from the world of business, this is the perfect one stop for all the news and information you may need about your investments and the probable direction it might take.

  • Capital Market

This is for the slightly more advanced user who has a more nuanced grasp on the information he is getting. This website too gives you all the facts and figures you need at your finger-tips. Not only that but it also provides you with a number of graphs in whichever configuration you need it. Like moneycontrol it also provides the option of creating your own portfolio and tracking your investments on their portal.

  • Economic Times Market

One of the most reliable sources of information out there, it has conveniently curated corners of information where you can get your information at a glance even if you haven’t seen the news the entire day. Not only this but it also provides you with similar features to money control like portfolio tracking and creating wish lists for your investments.

We hope this makes your job of investing a little more informed and eases your headache of trawling the internet for reliable sources of information with this list.